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World Economic Forum

McDonough School of Business professor and Academic Director of the Georgetown University Women’s Leadership Institute Catherine Tinsley attended the 45th and 46th Annual World Economic Forum meeting, and spoke at the 47th, in Davos, Switzerland. Tinsley addressed a group of business executives and policymakers at a luncheon session, highlighting her empirical research with Tupperware Brands that explores ways companies can activate women’s self-confidence and how self-confidence affects women’s economic advancement across the globe. Read more.


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Dr. Catherine Tinsley


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Catherine Tinsley is a chair professor in the management department at Georgetown University. There, she studies gender dynamics in organizations as well as personal and social perceptions, which she describes as how we process information and form judgments about other people.


In her view, “Mental health is about balance. It’s about awareness. It’s about some modest amount of self control. You can’t stop yourself from having feelings and you can’t stop the ups and downs of life, but good mental health creates a positive boundary between you and the outside world.” In her role as an expert on gender intelligent leadership, Tinsley has participated in global symposiums as a speaker on the role confidence plays in economic empowerment for women.

 Morgan Stanley Mid-Atlantic Women’s Financial Advisor Forum

Dr. Cathy Tinsley shared insights on “Negotiating for Maximum Impact” at the Morgan Stanley Mid-Atlantic Women’s Financial Advisor Forum this past week. She was joined by Lisa Cregan, a Managing and Regional Director of the Mid-Atlantic Region at Morgan Stanley, as well as a double Hoya.

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Gender and Work Symposium 

Catherine Tinsley presents “The Dialogue on Gender Differences” at the Gender and Work Symposium.

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