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Companies can learn from near-miss warnings to improve judgement around risk and avoid organizational disaster


New Social enterprise model shows worker well-being and profit can be compatible interests for companies


Companies can enhance workplace performance by changing their narrative around failure


Gender dynamic in the workplace are complex but can be effectively navigated

Research Insights

Research Insights

My work is motivated by a desire to understand how cognitive limitations and the institutional context direct our thoughts and behaviors in systematic, and sometimes problematic, ways.  My research suggests that intelligent, well-intended people often underestimate the extent to which their thoughts and behaviors are shaped by cognitive biases and situational nudges.  This underestimation issue is the source of many social problems—from diversity challenges to risky decision making.  My research elucidates specific ways in which our rationality is bounded and how institutions shape our judgments.  I study four main outcome areas: negotiations, decision making under risk and uncertainty, culture and conflict resolution, and gender dynamics. Collectively, results encourage us to be more critical about our thinking and aware of our own impact so as to improve interpersonal relationships and collective performance. 

Women and Leadership
Culture, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainity
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