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The mission of AMR is to publish theoretical insights that advance our understanding of management and organizations. Submissions to AMR must extend theory in ways that develop testable knowledge-based claims.

Negotiation and Conflict Management Research(2007-Present)

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The mission of Academy of Management Journal (AMJ) is to publish empirical research that tests, extends, or builds management theory and contributes to management practice.

Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes publishes fundamental research in organizational behavior, organizational psychology, and human cognition, judgment, and decision-making. The journal features articles that present original empirical research, theory development, meta-analysis, and methodological advancements relevant to the substantive domains served by the journal.

International Negotiation: A Journal of Theory and Practice (INER) examines negotiation from many perspectives, to explore its theoretical foundations and to promote its practical application. It addresses the processes of negotiation relating to political, security, environmental, ethnic, economic, business, legal, scientific and cultural issues and conflicts among nations, international and regional organizations, multinational corporations and other non-state parties.

The International Journal of Conflict Management publishes research on negotiation and conflict management relevant to the substantive domains served by the journal. These include topics such as: Business-to-Business Negotiations, Collective Bargaining and Industrial Relations, Communication and Conflict, Conflict at Work, Conflict Management, Conflict and Technology, and Cultural influences on Conflict Management. It also includes Dispute Resolution (ADR, Mediation, Arbitration), Fairness and Organizational Justice, and Legal issues related to negotiation. Moreover, we publish research related to Levels of Conflict (Individual, Team, Organizational, Country) and Peace Studies and International Conflicts. The domain of the journal includes Social Psychological Conflict, Types of Conflict (Task, Relationship) and other topics related to conflict management.

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